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Surfing lesson in Goa $70

2 hours = 20 minutes of theory + 100 minutes of surf

On your first surf lesson in Goa learn basics of safety and practice on the beach before you get into the sea. Do not paddle yet just concentrate on your balance and proper position on the board. Ride your first unforgettable waves and get yourself amazing photos on your first surfing lesson in Goa.


3 day course $180

3 surfing lessons in Goa any day you like

Develop essential skills of surfing. Learn to paddle, gain and lose speed on the wave, do a front and backside turn. Try different boards to know what's best for you. Become a surfer after 3 days of surf lessons in Goa.


Full course $250

5 days of surf lessons in Goa and free board-rent*

Do not take a full course if you are not sure that you realy like surfing. This program is best for people who want to surf as much as they can. Understand the sea. Feel the wave. Know what are you capable of. Get free surf for rent in Goa* till the end of your vacation to catch even more amazing waves.


Private surfing lessons in Goa:
Adults $200
Kids (6-12 years old) $90

One-to-one tuition for better results

Private lessons are best for adults who want to learn away from the group and kids who need more attention and care for safety reasons. Book your private surflesson in Goa in advance.

Rent surfboards in Goa.

1 surfboard for an hour $25
1 surfboard for a day ** $60
4 boards for an hour - $80
4 boards for a day ** $180
surfboard for 3 days $150
surfboard for a week $250
surfboard for a month $400

  • deposit a possible repair cost of $200 for each board you rent
  • surf a rented board in Marbela beach or deposit a full boardprice of $1000
  • Surf for rent in Goa incluides leash and U-V protection wetshirt

    * subject to availability. terms and conditions apply
    ** Day rent starts 9:00am till 4:00pm