learning to surf in goa, learn surfing in Goa.

Learning to surf requires 3 components: a good wave, a proper surfboard and a clear understanding of what to do. With Banana School of Surf you get the best of them all.

Our surfboards are safer and bigger than usual and that makes you learn with less risk and much faster. Soft sponge double cover would not only protect your fall but is much less slippery than others. Boards are marked for you to see where to place your front and back foot and have a rigt middle line for a perfect balance.

Best and safest way to learn surfing fast and effective is riding a small and slow wave at the beginning. Thus you can practice takeoff, balance and board position to perfection easily not spending precious time and effort paddling or fighting strong current. For safety reasons best not to learn in overcrowded beaches with hundreds of tuff-style surfers and swimmers around. Empty beaches of northern Goa shape perfect one to one-and-a-half-meter high waves. There would never be a crowd, just a few people wondering at your bottom turns with excitement. On the worst day of dry season you would still get a half a meter green wave that would suffice.

Nobody can learn surfing or doing perfect anything else without any help or guidanse. The better teacher we get - the faster we progress. Your surf head-coach and other instructors have trained more than 6000 students from all over the world and are definitely worth your trust in the sea. It is important to spend a few minutes and work through all moves on the beach first. If you can't peform properly on the sand you got no chance to do well on the wave and that's why we have 20 minutes of theory on the beach before the session.