BANANA Surf School - surfing in Goa, surfing on Goa, goa surfing, goa surf.


Welcome to the temple of waves in the land of magic. Experience the most exciting sea adventure known to human creatures called surfing. Every year we travel a long way from the island of Gods to the ancient shores of Indostan to share the sacred art of riding waves with you.

Come and dare to surf immaculate waves of Goa together with us. Find all of the knowledge gained by years of experience and our honest help at your disposal. Our mission is to teach you to ride waves in style easy and safe. We love the sea. We love to surf. We are open and ready to share.

Our program of easy-to-follow steps would help anyone to progress in the right direction fast enough and be able to hunt waves with success.

We promise that you will ride your wave on the first lesson. All of the skills you will acquire would stay with you together with the fun one could hardly imagine.

Your course may begin tomorrow morning or any other morning until the rainy season brings big swells to India and makes surfing much harder for a novice.

Welcome to the temple of waves in the land of magic, bring your family and friends with you to spend unforgettable moments together.

let the sea set you free.